Welcome to The Leadership Revolution!

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It is truly a new day in leadership development, and for leaders who can finally take their leadership understanding and performance to the highest levels. The AQ (Awareness Quotient) Model for leadership development illuminates the full progression of leadership possibility. The AQ Model takes us step by step, far beyond the status quo of leadership. It clarifies the foundational elements of extraordinary leadership while providing a functional map that supports our journey into higher levels of leadership service, in the here and now. It also provides the key steps to “up-leveling” others’ performance in real-time. This is one of the real missing links in leadership development.

The current complexity of our rapidly changing environment requires us to take an even deeper dive into the real meaning of leadership and to expand our perspective and broaden the impact of our leadership. And this website/blog and its associated book are dedicated to providing you with the map, methods, and insights needed to take your leadership far beyond the limitations of the status quo of leadership practice, and into an extraordinary expression of your leadership purpose. This is The Leadership Revolution that I am talking about!

Brian Cunningham – On his journey from parking lot attendant to CEO, Brian has studied leadership experience at every level within an organization. Along the way, he also earned two clinical degrees and an MBA. As a life-long student of leadership and an explorer of numerous paths of expanded awareness, Brian has sought to discover the deeper possibilities of leadership to more effectively address the complex needs of our teams and organizations, as well as the genuine growth of people everywhere. His commitment to serving and collaborating with others through higher levels of leadership has led to the development of a revolutionary model for exponential leadership growth, The AQ Model.

Enjoy the journey!